1.lf l choose standard shipping, how long will l receive my order?
The shipping methods take a delivery time around 7-12 working days, according to different destinations. 

2.What if I want to modify my address or seek for help?
No change of address is allowed once an order is shipped. You can contact our customer service through 'My Account' and 'Leave a message' if you need any help.

3.What's a Blind Box (Mystery Figure)?
Blind Box refers to the type of sealed packaging that keeps the contents of the toy a mystery until you open it. Blind boxes typically come in a series that are made up of a variety of different figures / designs that are usually depicted on the side of the box listed along with the odds of finding each one. Some are rarer than others and some are super rare and hard to find. These are referred as a Hidden Edition (Hidden Figure)

4.What shipping and payment options are available?

We provide standard shipping and local digital payment methods. When you are going to check out, the page will display the available logistics and payment according to your destination, you can choose among them.


5.Disclaimer: Unconditional exchange/return of goods is not available, please contact our customer service when needed, thank you!